What’s New Demo Catalogs

What is the What’s New Demo Catalog?

The What’s New Demo Catalog is a flyer for Avon Representatives that is exclusive for representatives. We use these catalogs to plan our campaign goals as well as to purchase products before they are available to customers. It is a great way to stock up on personal items usually at an even deeper discount then you can get in a regular campaign. It is also a great way to demo or share products with customers and get orders before the product even comes out in the book. If you keep an inventory, the What’s New is a great way to stock up on your inventory at a discount. JOIN AVON TEAM A-MAZING TODAY!

Who is the Avon What’s New For?

As stated above the What’s New books and prices are for representatives ONLY! Not a representative yet? JOIN TODAY!

Articles About the What’s New Books:

2017 Representative Planning with What’s New Tips:

2017 What’s New Books

Click the image of the book you would like to view online!

 Campaign 1 2017  Campaign 2 2017  Campaign 3 2017  Avon Living 1 2017
 Campaign 4 2017  Campaign 5 2017  Campaign 6 2017  Campaign 7 2017
Avon Living 2 2017 Campaign 8 2017 Campaign 9 2017 Campaign 10 2017
Campaign 11 2017 Campaign 12 2017 Avon Living 3 2017 Campaign 13 2017
Campaign 14 2017 Campaign 15 2017 Campaign 16 2017 Campaign 17 2017
Campaign 18 2017 Campaign 19 2017 Campaign 20 2017 Campaign 21 2017
Campaign 22 2017 Campaign 23 2017



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