Fragrance 101: Layer It for Longer Lasting and More Powerful Fragrance

pizap.com14713052768571The best way that you can have your fragrance last longer is to layer it. Avon offers for the Avon Senses line Shower Gels, Lotions, and Body Sprays. This is so you can even layer your lighter fragrances. For the Avon Fragrances for Her many fragrances offer a shower gel and a body lotion in the same fragrance as the Eau de Toilette Perfume. For the Avon Fragrances for Him many of those come in the cologne, an after shave with the same scent, and a hair & body wash in the same scent. Man or woman you can layer your favorite fragrances to make them last longer. Lots of times these products can be bought as a set so you can even save while purchasing them instead of having to purchase them individually.

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