Using the What’s New to See the Latest Fashion Trends

What’s New Campaign 6 2015. Click the image to view the book online.

Spring 2015 was all about the denim! Did you know you can use the What’s NEW books to tell what upcoming fashion trends will be for the season? Some of our Avon campaigns are all about the fashions and in campaigns such as this one from Spring 2015, you can use the What’s New book to see what the fashion trends will be for the upcoming season. In Campaign 6, Avon showed us the latest trends for the spring–denim, purple, florals,etc. Lots of our new jewelry pieces were floral related plus we had some new denim pieces as well as some great tops that you could pair with the denim. Purple, pinks, and greens were also the colors of the season. Check out my video below to learn more about using the What’s New books in this way!