Avon Spring Candles

Avon Spring Candles 2017

Avon Home Fragrance

About Avon Candles

Our candles are three wick candles. They are made in the USA and burn for approximately 30 hours. The candles come in a variety of scents to make your home smell lovely. I personally LOVE our candles and would definitely recommend them to others. If you let the candles burn all the way across the first time lit, they will burn evenly as long as each time they are burned all the way across. Shop our Home Fragrance collection online.

Spring 2017 Scents

Spring 2017 Avon Candles

For the Spring 2017, Avon released candles in the following scents Dewy Orchid, Water Lily, Blooming Jasmine and even Mademoiselle, with notes of strawberry, tangerine, pink jasmine and amber. Avon also released a limited edition diffuser in the Blooming Jasmine scent. I bought the diffuser and I enjoy the Blooming Jasmine scent. I do feel it puts off only a slight odor so it may not be a good choice for you if you are looking for a strong smell. The diffuser is great when added with other candles to make your room/home smell like Spring. Other fun Spring Scents include Island Hibiscus, Pure Cotton, Honeysuckle Blossom, Green Bamboo, and Eucalyptus Mint. See all scents we have to offer here.

Father’s Day Scents 2017

Father's Day Candles 2017

Just in time for Father’s Day Avon released two new scents. Sweet Tobacco with notes of black cardamom, sweet tobacco, patchouli leaves, vanilla bark, and amber. Canyon Mist with notes of citrus, ozone, oakmoss, amber, and white cedar. Plus, our White Sandalwood and Calming Waters candles can also be great when looking at Father’s Day gifts. The sale price of $10.99 each is for Avon Campaign 12 2017 which runs through May 29, 2017 online. Regular price is $19.99 each. Shop Avon Candle offerings online. 

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I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and still live locally. I have my Masters in Teaching for Early and Elementary Education and I am an early childhood teacher. I have been teaching for five years. In the next five years, I would like to get my reading specialist endorsement so that I can become a reading specialist. I joined Avon in August 2011 in order to earn an income around going to college full time. When I first joined Avon, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I had never heard of direct sales. My mother had actually been an Avon Representative briefly before I was born and she shared some about the company with me and said that I should go for it! I met with my upline sales leader and she signed me up and the rest is history! Over the last several years, Avon has become a major passion of mine and I have enjoyed being able to share Avon and it’s products and missions with those around me.In 2013, I took an interest in expanding my online Avon business and since then I have been blogging and growing my Social Media presence. Avon is truly loved by many and when you start sharing that online you can really see the love and support from others worldwide. Even though we can only serve customers in the United States and share the Avon opportunity with those in the USA, worldwide followers will find you on Social Media and the web.  In 2014, I was awarded the Spirit of Avon award and I earned the coveted President’s Club sales level and my first Mrs. P.F.E. Albee figurine. Mrs. P.F.E. Albee was the first Avon Lady back when David McConnell (Avon’s founder) had the California Perfume Company (which later became Avon Products). In 2016, Avon Products North America was bought out and thus New Avon, LLC was born. I have been super excited for the new changes of New Avon, LLC! My goals in 2017 are to continue to grow my online presence, earn President’s Club sales level, and become an Ambassador or above in our leadership chain. I do not have a family yet, but my hope is that when I decide to start one I can use Avon as a source of income in order to stay at home with my children when they are small like my mom stayed home with me and my brother until we both were in school.

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