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What is Espira by Avon?

Espira is a customized health and wellness line designed just for you with effective formulations to boost and sustain your natural energy. These vitamins and supplements are sourced from natural ingredients to reset your metabolism, restore and promote your natural radiance, and improve your overall health. † Feel your best and make your greatest impact with our three core principles of wellness: Boost, Glow, and RestoreView more about the Avon Health and Wellness Line      Take the Vitamin Quiz to see which products might be for you 

Why Espira?

Espira is the only line of supplements you’ll find that supports your natural energy by taking all of your lifestyle needs into consideration. Espira products use only the highest quality ingredients at clinically studied levels for maximum results you can see and feel. Made with whole foods, superfoods and naturally sourced ingredients, Espira was created exclusively for Avon by leading nutrition-industry experts. Each product features a custom formulation proven to work and is supported by a money-back guarantee.

The Espira Promise

The Espira ingredients match extensive clinical research proven by science to bring you a complete program where you can see results that will change your life.

  • Made with the highest quality, naturally sourced whole foods and SUPERFOODS
  • NON-GMO ingredients
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial colors and flavors
  • Guaranteed results you can see and feel or your money back

About Espira by Avon

The Espira products are organized around three core wellness needs:

BOOST to revitalize your body by maintaining a healthy metabolism, clearing out your system and controlling hunger.†

GLOW to help your hair, skin and nails look and feel their best by preventing daily damage and restoring cells while you sleep.†

RESTORE to get you back to a healthy balance by filling nutritional gaps, reducing stress and enhancing restful sleep.†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


All the energy you need to kick-start a better you†

When you have natural energy, you thrive. And we’re not talking about the artificial kick you get from a cup of coffee or sugar rush–this is vitality that comes from within. Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letting you down.

  • METABOLISM BOOST SYSTEM–A 30-day system to reboot your metabolism. † Includes: 1 Ideal Cleanse, 1 Metabolism Boost, 1 Hunger Block and 2 15-day canisters (chocolate and vanilla) of Plant Power Protein. Choose your Power Protein flavor: Vanilla/Vanilla, Vanilla/Chocolate, Chocolate/Chocolate $126 (save $14)
  • IDEAL CLEANSE–Cleanse your body gently in just 3 days. † Gluten-free. $20
  • METABOLISM BOOST–Increase your metabolism and burn more calories (with reduced dietary intake and exercise)† Contains caffeine. 60 vegetarian capsules. Gluten-free. $25
  • HUNGER BLOCK–Feel fuller longer. Eat less.† Contains a naturally sourced super fiber that can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. 60 vegetarian capsules. Gluten-free. $25
  • PLANT POWER PROTEIN — Available in chocolate and vanilla. Super foods make a super protein. Gluten, soy, and dairy free. No peanuts or tree nuts. Vegan. Available in 15-serving canister or box of 10 individual packets. $35
  • NATURAL ENERGY–Increase your energy and mental focus. † Contains caffeine. 30 vegetarian capsules. Gluten-free. $25

View more information on all BOOST products. 


Discover your natural radiance from within

Rejuvenation for hair, skin and nails starts here with our dual-action system, helping you look better than ever. † Protect and rebuild in the morning, then restore and repair on a cellular level while you sleep.†

  • BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT SYSTEM — A 30-day system for a more Youthful Radiant Look.† Contains AM Protect and PM Restore. Gluten-free. $54 for both. Save $6.
  • AM PROTECT — A supplement that fights UV exposure and enhances skin firmness and radiance.† 60 tablets. Gluten-free. $30
  • PM RESTORE — An antioxidant and bioactive collagen peptides stimulate your body’s natural mechanism for building new collagen for younger, healthier-looking skin.† 30 packets. Gluten-free. $30

View more information on all GLOW products. 


Optimize your overall health and well-being

When the days get really hectic and your plate is full, you may feel a little off balance. We’ll give you the benefit of healthy, whole foods and the relaxation both your body and mind need to regain your focus and give you the stamina to feel great and keep moving forward. †

  • MULTIVITAMIN — 100% of the daily value of 19+ vitamins and minerals. An effective, high-potency multivitamin to fill in the nutritional gaps.† Available in Women’s, Women’s 40+ , and Men’s formulations $12 each
  • DAILY ESSENTIALS — One packet. Three pills. COMPLETE NUTRITION. Comes with a multivitamin, a full spectrum omega-3 capsule, and a plant-based antioxidant. Available in Women’s, Women’s 40+, and Men’s formulations. $30 each for a 30-day supply.
  • CALM — Relax without losing your focus.† Non-drowsy. 60 vegetarian capsules. $18
  • RESTFUL SLEEP — Relax both your body and your mind so you sleep better.† 60 vegetarian capsules. $18

View more information on all RESTORE products. 

†These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Some Espira FAQ

Why did Avon launch Espira?

Avon has been committed to helping women in all aspects of their lives for over 130 years — who better than Avon to formulate a line that’s superior to anything else out there? Espira is all about creating natural energy from within.

What makes Espira different?

Our brand was created by leading nutrition-industry experts and features custom formulations of natural whole foods and superfoods at levels that have been clinically researched to guarantee results you can see and feel. There are existing products in the marketplace that don’t contain the right formulation of ingredients to truly deliver what they claim.

Should I be confident in Espira’s quality?

Espira was designed specifically for Avon by leading nutrition-industry experts. It is the only product line that uses the highest quality ingredients at clinically studied levels–that work.

Who is Espira for?

Everyone can benefit from using Espira! Whether filling a nutritional gap with our daily essentials†, getting a boost of energy to push through a long day†, or going for that radiant glow†, there’s truly something for everyone.

About Espira Auto-Replenish

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